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artificial flower information

All of our artificial flowers are hand made from the finest quality materials. The fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure that our flowers look as close to nature as possible. Some of our blooms such as our roses are made from a synthetic material such as polyester whereas our lilies, tulips and magnolia stems are made from a type of foam that has been treated to ensure that each petal holds its shape perfectly. We tend to stay away from silk as this frays relatively easily and is a dead giveaway that your flowers are faux! 

Each of our flowers are hand made and hand painted making each one slightly different from the next, perfectly reflecting nature. Not only do we ensure that the heads of each of our flowers are incredibly realistic but we have paid a lot of attention to the stems of our flowers as well to ensure that these too are as close to nature as possible. Our roses are a great example of this with their realistic thorns and beautiful detailing on the stem and leaves.

Artificial flowers really require very little maintenance but there are a few tips that we recommend to keep your blooms looking 'fresh'. We would suggest each month putting your hairdryer on a cool setting and using this to blow away any dust that may have settled on the petals. This is especially important for the white and lighter coloured flowers as it's the dust that tends to cause marks whereas these don't show up as much on the darker colours. If you do see a mark on the blooms we would suggest using a damp cloth to try remove any stains. 

They certainly can! All of our stems are sealed at the bottom therefore placing them in water for short periods of time is absolutely fine and is a great way to fool your guests into thinking they are fresh! If the flowers are left in water for long periods you may start to see slight discolouration on the stem so we would recommend allowing the stems to fully dry out after each time they are in water. We love putting our blooms in water just before a dinner party as it always has our guests convinced that the flowers are fresh. 

Whilst our flowers are not specifically designed to be outside (as they have not been tested to be photo stable) several of our retail and trade customers use our flowers outdoors very successfully. 

Things to consider are that darker coloured flowers won't show dirt as easily however over time they made fade from the sun, whilst the opposite is true for white flowers. The materials used for berries and foliage tend to tolerate outdoor conditions the best while our tulips and lilies are not suitable for outdoors. 

All of our flowers have stems which are comprised of one or multiple soft wires (depending on the flower) running down the centre which has been wrapped in paper and finished with a layer of plastic. As each of the stems are wired, they can easily be bent to fit any height of vase and straightened later if you decide to change how you want to display them! 

As there is a wire running through each of the stems, we would ideally recommend using wire cutters to cut through the stem however if these aren't available then a strong pair of garden or kitchen scissors should do the trick!

One tip if you are having trouble getting through the wire is to cut through the paper and plastic with your scissors and make a small knick in the wire. Bend the wire back and forth which will help to weaken the wire and ultimately break it. 

It's hard to determine exactly how long your artificial flowers will last however our estimate would be at least 5-10 years depending on the environment that they have been displayed in. We have had ours for years and they are still looking as 'fresh' as ever! 

Replicating authentic flower fragrances can be difficult however we do appreciate that the smell of a fresh flower bouquet is one of their most compelling features. One great way to enhance the feel of your bouquet is to place your arrangement next to one of our fabulous diffusers available in a variety of floral scents. This will surely get your guests leaning in to give your blooms a sniff! 

vase information

Yes we certainly do! We have a whole section on our website dedicated to our gorgeous collection of mouth-blown glass vases of various shapes, sizes and styles. Many of our bouquets listed on the website have the option to order your bouquet with the vase.

If you would like any advice on which of our vases would suit a particular bouquet, please get in touch at

We find that vases with a wider base and narrower neck are the best shape for displaying our artificial flowers and many of our vases have this shape. The height of your vase will be perfect if the lowest leaves or branch of your faux flowers stems nestle just above the rim. You can also bend or trim your stems to fit your vase

Depending on the size of arrangement that you are looking to create and whether you like a fuller or more minimal look we would suggest styling your flowers in odd numbers when working with just a few stems. The heights of the stem and size of the flower heads are all listed on our website so you can compare these with the vase that you have. 

No, we tend to find that while it may be convincing at first, this artificial water discolours over time which results in the whole look of the arrangement being diminished. We also find that it makes the vase very difficult to clean and dust is often left to gather on the top of the 'water' which again results in the flowers looking unrealistic. 

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UK Standard Delivery - 2-4 working days

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  • £4.95 for orders between £30-£89.99
  • £7.95 for all orders under £30

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Yes! We ship to (almost!) anywhere and our international shipping rates start from £18. Shipping rates are calculated at check-out.

Each of your flowers will be lovingly selected, wrapped in tissue paper and placed in one of our cardboard boxes and tied with our gorgeous ribbon ready to be unwrapped and and enjoyed!  Stems may be bent to make them fit inside your box securely and are simply straightened again (or trimmed, as above, if desired)

If your flowers are a gift the invoice will be omitted from your order. 

If your artificial flowers are called a 'bouquet', they will arrive pre-arranged and tied together ready for you to pop into your vase.

If your artificial flowers are called an 'arrangement' or a 'bunch', they will arrive as single stems, not tied together and ready for you to arrange and style as your please. 

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